Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Late Valentine's Day

Since I had to work on Valentine's Day, we celebrated a late V-day today. My day started off with a nice, long massage. It was the best present ever! Then we kind of lounged around for a while and decided to go out for dinner. We went to Applebee's, which is where we went on our first date a little over a year ago (Feb 15 of last year). Hard to believe we have only been together for a year! Also for Valentine's Day we made chocolate covered strawberries last week. It was fun and they turned out pretty well.

In other news, we found out yesterday that we are going to Colorado in March!!! We'll stay with Megan and Benjamin, and Kirsten is going to meet us there. It will be fun to see everyone and I am also excited to see Megan and Benjamin's house since we haven't had the chance to go visit yet. We can't wait!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Visit From the Walkers!

Saturday Michelle and Kendall drove through Columbia on their way home from the temple, and we had the pleasure of going to dinner with them. Since it was Valentine's Day all the restaurants were pretty busy so we ended up going to Bennigan's to avoid an hour plus wait. It was great to see them and Ashlyn and Preston are so cute! And Ashlyn was so excited to see us! :) Here are some pictures...

Waiting for our table...Preston actually let me hold him!!

Ashlyn eating "Uncle TinTin?" She's so funny!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Are Now Bloggers...

Well, we finally joined the blogging world. Our lives are generally quite boring since we don't have kids yet to keep life interesting. We'll post when we have some excitement, so don't expect many new posts :)