Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend in Utah

We were lucky enough to be able to venture out to Utah for a long weekend to visit Grandma Moore. Not too long ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 (final stages) cancer and given 6-9 months to live. So the reasoning behind the trip was not pleasant, but it was great to see her and a bunch of other relatives. I have to admit that it's pretty nice that both my grandmas live in the same town! Dad, Aliisa, Quentin and I flew out Friday night and met Kirsten and Kirk in Vegas. We got into St. George very late and stayed with Grandma Hendrickson. We spent the rest of the time hanging out with Grandma Moore and some more of the Moore clan. We also got to see Mark and Holly and the girls! Grandma Moore seemed to be feeling pretty well most of the time we were there, so we were lucky to catch her at a good time. It was a fun trip until the trip home. We're pretty sure we got food poisoning at the burger place we ate before we left so I was sick the whole way home. Let's just say that airplane bathrooms are DEFINITELY not barf-friendly. It takes a special person to bend appropriately, but it was a better alternative to the barf bag in front of everyone, which I also got to experience on the car ride home from the airport...sorry travel buddies! I guess it was well worth it to see everyone, especially Grandma Moore. Thanks for the trip, Mom and Dad!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meet Garrett!

We were lucky enough to get to meet our newest nephew this weekend! We went to Kansas City Friday and Saturday to see this little guy...He was nameless for about a day because Michelle and Kendall waited to find out the gender of the baby and they didn't have a boy's name picked out. They decided on Garrett Wayne Walker. Wayne is Randy's (Quentin's dad) middle name and also Jeremy's (Quentin's deceased brother) middle name. He was 18 inches and weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz, which is apparently quite small for a Walker baby! He's adorable and he likes to wrinkle up his face a's so cute! He has really long little fingers and toes. There's just nothing like snuggling up with a newborn. Michelle seems to be recovering well and she looks great! It was fun to meet him and see the rest of the family. Arlaine was there helping out so we got to celebrate Mother's Day with her a little early and we got to spend some time with Nick and Colton and the girls too. Cora could not get enough of holding Garrett...she just wanted to help whoever was holding him.And since it was Mother's Day weekend, Kendall had the nice idea of the guys being in charge of dinner Saturday so we had ribs, pasta salad, potato salad, beans, chips and dip all followed by Kendall's homemade cheesecake. It was yummy and I enjoyed taking advantage of this Mother's Day gift despite the fact that I am not one :)