Thursday, March 7, 2013


A while back someone taught Brady to show his muscles.  I tried to get video, but he would never do it of course.  Tonight Quentin got some pictures, but this doesn't do it justice because you can't hear the sound effects or see his little arms shaking. Still pretty cute though! Just ignore the mess on his shirt...

Meet Baby Lydia and Jase

At the end of February we got to make a trip to KC to meet the newest members of the family.  I definitely got my baby fix since I got both babies all to myself :)  It was a pretty awesome way to spend the weekend since I sure do love to snuggle my nieces and nephews :)  

 The kids got to enjoy some redneck sledding.  Nick made a little ramp  off the wall.  Grandpa helped them hit the small target, and Kendall spent most of his time making the ramp bigger so they wouldn't miss since he knew he would be the one to offer the medical care if anything went wrong.

Snow Day

Well, some of us got snow days anyway.  I wish I could say I got one, but I was not so lucky.  When I got home from work (thanks to my dad and his 4 wheel drive) Quentin and I started shoveling.  Brady wanted to "help" of course, so we got his sand shovel and let him do his part, which mostly consisted of falling over and whining until Quentin helped him up.  I think we had almost a foot of snow, and I was soooo sore the next day from shoveling! Brady really loved playing in the snow, and the week after that, we got more snow and more snow days and Quentin helped him make a snow man.  When I asked if he made a snowman, he told me no and then I asked if Daddy made a snowman and he said yes,  so I think he had very little to do with the snowman, but he says "bye mister snowman" every time we leave now.  He talks so much and it's fun to hear the new things he says every day.

Quentin Bell, RDMS

Yep, Quentin took his abdomen ultrasound registry so he is now an RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer)!  He took the test the day after Brady's birthday and we are both glad to be done with that.  Unfortunately he has other registries to take still, but he will take a small break at least.  I caught this picture during some study time and thought it was so cute.