Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Haircut

I finally decided that this boy was ready for a haircut.  Mostly I got tired of the huge nest that formed every night.  So a girl I work with recommended this place that is set up for kids.  Normally there is a car chair that the kids get to sit in, but it broke so he had to sit in the adult chair this time.  But he was just as excited to look at the car chair :)  He was excited to get his hair cut since Quentin, Butters and I have all gotten haircuts recently. Here's his before picture:
 Then here is the during picture...he got to watch cartoons and she tried to give him fruit loops, but he wanted nothing to do with that.  Luckily I brought fruit snacks as bribery, but I doubt I really even needed it.
 And here's the happy boy after:
It looks great and there is still a little curl to it so I didn't have to cry.  She also gave us a little keepsake bag for "baby's first haircut."  Definitely recommend this place to anyone with kids!  It's called the Groom Room.