Friday, December 27, 2013

Gingerbread Houses

It's been a Moore family tradition to do "gingerbread" houses at Christmas since I was itty bitty.  Mom makes the houses from graham crackers and we put on all the candy we want :)  This year we joined up with our friends the Mills for even more fun :)  It was the same night as the Christmas Devotional, so we decorated our houses and watched the devotional together.  And ate lots of candy and treats.

 Here is a picture of everyone with their finished product.  Everyone's turned out pretty good.  Even Jade and her all orange house :)

 You may be sad to know that Jordan's dog got to this masterpiece a short time later... :(

It was so much fun to catch up with the Mills family.  They have been my second family for as long as I can remember and we definitely need to do stuff like this more often!

Breakfast with Santa

Every year Rock Bridge puts on Breakfast with Santa.  They have activities and crafts for the kids and, of course, Santa comes for a visit.  I'm glad we decided to go this year since we never made it to Bass Pro to visit Santa.  Brady seemed to have a good time and he ran into a few of his daycare buddies while we were there.  He got a reindeer painted on his face and did a great job of holding really still.

He did a few crafts and a little bowling game too and then we stopped by to see Santa on our way out.  When we were in line we asked Brady what he was going to ask Santa for and he said "presents."  Easy enough huh? Well unfortunately, Brady was so excited to see Santa that he completely wiped out on his run up there.  So he was too embarrassed to actually talk to Santa.  Or who knows, he may have been too shy anyway.  It was a fun morning and I'm not sure it gets much cute than this boy!

23 Weeks

Well, I realized that I never even made our big announcement on here.  Baby Bell #2 will be making her debut in March (or possibly April since her due date is March 26).  And to prove to posterity that I did indeed carry another child (who has already gotten less attention than the first), I took my first pregnancy picture.  I can't promise there will be a ton more, but hopefully I will remember to take a few more.  This is actually from 4 weeks ago and I am just now getting it up.  Oh well, better late than never right?