Monday, August 23, 2010

And the baby bump begins...

I promised Quentin's Mom I would post this picture, even though I'm not particularly fond of it. I'm 15 weeks in this picture... And the bump just gets bigger and bigger every day!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Well, as always I did not get enough pictures. Quentin and I got to venture out to California to soak up some sun and visit Kirsten and Kirk. We had a blast and were not ready to come home! The first day we got there we went to get frozen bananas at Balboa Island (which is really only entertaining to any Arrested Development fans out there). It's fun to take the ferry across and walk around and look at the shops and the cool houses. Then we hunted down an In N Out for lunch, which was actually much harder than we expected. It was delicious and very worth it! Then we hung out at the beach for a while before we met Kirsten and Kirk for dinner at Cafe Rio. I really wish we had that here! After that we all went and walked around this outdoor shopping mall. This first picture is kind of random...there was this cow painted like a watermelon...Friday we went kayaking. It was Quentin's and my first time, but it's pretty easy and lots of fun. Definitely a good workout! There was a little cove with a bunch of these little jellyfish that don't sting, so we checked that out and it was pretty cool. Then we paddled around an island and saw a sea lion at the very end. After that we hung out on the beach for the rest of the day. That night we went to see Despicable Me and it was really cute!
Saturday we just had a relaxing day at the beach and then headed to the OC Fair. We watched the pig races and the chinese acrobats and ate some yummy food. Kirsten, Quentin and Kirk tried chocolate covered bacon, but I opted out of that. We also tried fried avocados, which were pretty good and fried twinkies...delicious! We also had corndogs and funnel cakes. Yum! There was also a petting zoo where a little deer kept eating people's shorts (you can't really tell in the picture, but it was funny).Sunday we went to church, came home and took naps and then tried to go tide pooling. Unfortunately, the rocks were closed because the waves were too high.
Monday was our two year anniversary and also our travel day. Not the best way to celebrate, especially when our layover in Denver lasted MUCH longer than it was supposed to because the plane was delayed two hours! We didn't get into KC until 11 something. Luckily, Michelle did not abandon us and waited patiently to pick us up. Thanks Michelle!
We had so much fun and I really wish that Kirsten and Kirk lived closer so we could see them more. Thanks Kirksten for letting us stay with you, entertaining us, driving us around, and feeding us!

Baby Blessings

The first weekend in August we went to Kansas City for Garrett and Rex's baby blessings. It was fun to see the whole family, and even Quentin's dad was able to be there for the special day. Rex and Garrett are both sooo sooo cute. Plus, the trip was extra fun because we got to make our big announcement :) We also got to attend Cora's 3rd birthday party. It was a pool party, so I didn't get any pictures of that, but here are a few pics of the little guys... Garrett and Rex in their blessing outfits Cute little Rex Quentin snuggling baby Garrett