Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Boring Lives...

So we haven't been up to a whole lot lately, but do have some new stuff going on. The new owner has taken over at the dealership, so Quentin has been putting in some extra hours to keep up with all the new cars coming in. He is such a hard worker! There will be a lot of change in the next few weeks at his job.
This semester is coming to a close, and Quentin can't wait to be done. I can't wait either, as that means we are that much closer to being done with school! He will be taking 3 classes at Moberly this summer. And then he will be done with all the classes he can take at Moberly that transfer to MU, so he applied to MU and we are awaiting news on that. I'm sure he will get in since he has really good grades because he works to hard. I'm so proud of all he has done and glad to have such a hard working, dedicated husband.
Not much is going on with me. I'm still working at University Hospital and am coming up on my one year anniversary there. We will be experiencing quite a few changes in the next 6 months. The new Missouri Orthopedic Institute will open in June, so we will lose some employees and patients when that happens, and then when Columbia Regional Hospital becomes a children's hospital we will lose some patient volume there. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. That's all for now!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Butters the Frog

Aunt Kirsten and Uncle Kirk sent their favorite puphew this little costume from "The Princess and the Frog." I haven't seen the movie, but the costume is pretty cute. Butters would probably disagree. He seems to hate it and even tried to run under the bed when I pulled the little costume out for pictures. Also his ears are so big that they will randomly just pop out of the hood. Super cute! Thanks Kirsten and Kirk!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Conference was on Easter this year, so we invited to Jacobs to come hang out at our house and watch it on TV. We got to watch Andrew get his basket. We're thinking next year he might actually show interest in it, but I still thought it was cute.
The weather was beautiful, so between sessions we went for a walk in the park and enjoyed the sunshine. After conference we went to Mom and Dad's and ate a yummy Easter dinner. If you haven't had my mom's cinnamon rolls, you are really missing out! It was the perfect way to celebrate Easter. Today we dyed eggs. Yes, a little late but still fun nonetheless. For some reason it seems like there were a lot more options and designs or something when I was younger, but I think we still got some cute ones.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bryan Visits Columbia

This past weekend my cousin Bryan came for his first visit to Columbia! He had just come from Chicago and St. Louis, making Columbia even less exciting I think. We drove around campus and showed him where I went to high school and stuff. Then we went out to eat and saw "Bounty Hunter." We also enjoyed some Andy's Frozen Custard and then came home and watched a few episodes of Arrested Development. Hopefully he thought it was as entertaining as we did. Sunday we went to church and then just kind of lounged around the rest of the day. Quentin was nice enough to take care of dinner and he cooked cashew chicken for everyone. It was so much fun to have Bryan here and we hope we didn't bore him too much!

If You Like it then You Shoulda Put a Ring on it!

Karen and I watched this season of The Bachelor. It's a really ridiculous reality show, but highly entertaining. Quentin and Mike got to be in charge of "watching Andrew" in the other room, which really consisted of blocking him off in one area with them while they played Halo. So Karen and I got to watch baby-free in the bedroom. We started doing fancy drinks in wine glasses during the part of the show where they had the cocktail party, and then the last week Mike bought us ring pops, since in the final episode the bachelor proposes to one of the girls.