Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hadley's Half Birthday

Yep, it has already been 6 months since our lives were blessed with the addition of this sweet baby girl! The time has flown by! We think she is just the cutest (obviously unbiased opinion), sweetest girl ever! I mean, look at these smiles...

She has mastered rolling over both ways (and both directions even!) and uses that as a mode of transportation since she has not figured out how to crawl quite yet.  She also does a little scooting. Enough to get into things if I leave the room.  Her favorite thing to get into is her diapers.  Luckily, they are the clean diapers :) Brady seems to be her favorite person. She loves to watch him and he makes her laugh like no one else. And he (for the most part) loves her. I hope this positive relationship will continue as she grows and begins to get into his things.  She is lucky to have such a great brother! She also loves: Butters, singing songs, peek-a-boo, looking at herself in the mirror, watching us eat (not so much eating herself as she seems to think we are poisoning her when we try to feed her), watching EVERYTHING, and smiling. She does her best to catch any willing eye and then gives a giant smile as reward.  
We've started trying to feed her some solids in hopes of getting better sleep at night.  It's not working yet. As in, she is not really eating solids and she is also not sleeping great at night. So far, we have given her avacados (which does not elicit anything resembling a smile), and carrots.  She seems less repulsed by the carrots. Next up is bananas. I think it will be received well, but we will see! This is a huge contrast from my baby Brady who ate everything except squash.

Here are her stats: Height:25 3/4 in (39%)
Weight: 14 lbs, 10 oz (19%)
Head Circum: 42 1/2 cm (55%)
So she is still pretty tiny, but she sure is growing!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Fun at the LaBrue's

Quentin and I both took a Friday off and we decided to take a much needed mini vacation to the lake to visit Kyle and Cassie.  We went to the pool Friday and Hadley got to lounge around in a nice little floatie.  She spent most of her time eating her swim suit.
 Brady got a little brave and actually ventured from the steps (which is a huge accomplishment for him...we enjoy our small victories). He also enjoyed shooting water out of the noodles.
Saturday there was a Fall Festival.  The weather was unfortunately kind of dreary, but the kids still had fun.  Brady had another brave moment when he decided to go down this slide.  He has normally shied away from these types of things in the past.  He even did it a second time.  He has really started to mature in the past few months (which means a lot less whining, which makes for a much happier momma)
MU played on Saturday so we all had our Mizzou gear on.  Our family is usually a little more photogenic than this, but oh well.  While Kyle and Quentin watched the game (and the kids...who napped mostly), Cassie and I were able to escape for a while to shop...mostly for the kids.  Kind of ironic that we have to escape from the kids to go shop for them huh? Still fun, of course!

 Brady got this futon mattress to himself.  He tried to convince me to let him share my bed.  This photo should pretty much explain why I declined that...sideways in the bed. This kid is all over the place when he sleeps!