Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Well this can't compete with Shannon's Father's Day Post (sorry, we just aren't as cute as Addison). For Father's Day Butters was kind enough to get Daddy a present. He knows how much Daddy loves Family Guy so he wanted to give him one of the seasons for Father's Day to show his appreciation for Daddy. He really is a thoughtful dog. So Sunday morning he helped me give it to Quentin. Here's the picture!


Well I know this is long over due, but I just thought we would put some pictures up of our Utah/Vegas vacation. We had a lot of fun and it was great to spend time with Randy and Marchelle and visit my Grandmas. We also got to see some other family too, which is always nice.

We started out in Lehi for a few days staying with Dad and Marchelle. We flew into Salt Lake so we stopped by the temple and saw the conference center.Then we drove down to St. George to stay with my Grandma. Luckily, we were able to get Dad's AC fixed before the trip because it would have been pretty miserable without it. We ate tons of good food (Cafe Rio, In N Out, Pizza Factory, etc). I got to hit up the fabric stores and pick out way cute fabric for the baby blankets I make.
Then we drove to Vegas and walked around the strip for a day. There is a lot to take in and it's impossible to see everything in the amount of time we had but we tried to squeeze in as much as we could. We stayed at Circus Circus, which was a huge mistake. They had the most uncomfortable beds that had wires that dug into my ribs so I hardly slept and it's really far from everything else so Quentin got blisters walking to the rest of the strip (which was not enjoyable for anyone). Then we ended up missing all of the free shows (water show, volcano, pirate show). We waited for almost an hour for the pirate show at Treasure Island and then it was canceled due to high winds. So it was pretty disappointing! The day we left we went to the Rainforest Cafe and it was fun. We had a good time, but we were definitely ready to come home at the end. With the Coca Cola bear (who proceeded to stick Dad's head in his mouth) Quentin with one of the many fancy cars we saw...a Ferrari (I think this was Quentin's highlight of the trip. In front of one of the fountains at the Venitian