Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Pinto

The whole reason we got to go to California was for Kirsten's wedding at the Newport Beach temple. It's a beautiful temple and the weather was perfect. We got to help set up the church and make the food, which was actually quite a bit of work, but it turned out really well so I think it was worth it. We're excited to welcome Kirk into the family, and mom pointed out that now the guys outnumber the girls 6-5. Congrats Kirsten and Kirk! We love you both and hope you're enjoying your time in Mexico!
Here's a picture of us in front of the temple...
And a few more of the bride and groom...

Quentin's First Trip to California

We had the pleasure of escaping this Missouri winter and enjoying the nice Southern California sun!! Thanks for marrying a California boy, Kirsten!! Quentin had never been to California, so it was fun to show him around a little and take him tide pooling at Treasure Island. It is such a pretty beach!! We didn't have much time to just relax and enjoy, but it was so nice to see everyone and to meet Luke (even though I didn't recognize him). He is great at giving good smiles, but it's hard to catch it on camera. He is such a sweetie!Patrick is so adorable and he is a smart boy. He can already pick letters out in signs (P is for Patrick, etc) and he is only 2! And he can tell you that a doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your heart. Hearing a 2 year old say stethoscope is fun :) I just wish everyone lived closer so we could see each other more than once a year. Special thanks to the Walkers for taking care of Butters for us while we were gone. It's nice to not have to worry if he's ok. Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Four Christmases

Yep, I stole the title from a movie. But it's true. We had four Christmases in a row this year! We started on Wednesday by celebrating with the Jacobs. Thanks to them, we now have a sprayer thing for our sink that actually works!! Yahoo!!
Christmas #2 was Thursday night (Christmas Eve) with just me and Quentin. Here we are with our cute little tree, ignore the mess (don't worry, some day we'll have room for a normal size tree) He got me some really great presents, but the coolest on was probably the picture of Jesus he got and had framed for me. It is so pretty and looks perfect on our wall! He also got me a necklace, some scrubs, the new boggle (which is AWESOME) and other stuff I'm sure I am forgetting. He is so thoughtful! I got Quentin an xbox 360 and guitar hero that we set up around thanksgiving (because, why wait?). I also got him a few surprises, but all centered around xbox. He now has Halo 3 ODST, a second controller (so I can beat him in Halo but then he won't admit it), the drums and headset for guitar hero, and Madden.
Friday morning (Christmas morning) we went to Mom and Dad's to open presents and eat breakfast. Mom and Dad always get us the Disney movies so we got 101 Dalmations, Snow White and Up. Quentin got some tools and Pass the Pig, which is a game he likes to make fun of. I got some pans, a new clock, and some scrub pants (you can never have too many scrubs!!). Oh, and don't forget they paid for our trip to California for Kirsten's wedding.
After that we headed to Mooma's for our 4th Christmas. I was a little nervous since the neighborhood roads were slick and Quentin slid onto a little island by my parents house about two minutes into our drive, but we arrived safely!! Everyone but the Huffords came on Friday, so we all had fun Friday and then Saturday morning the Huffords arrived and we did pictures, opened presents, went to Shoney's, went to the after Christmas sales, and went to Silver Dollar City for a while. John got me some skittles, Twilight and the newest Harry Potter...awesome! Michelle got Quentin some candy, Christmas Vacation and a little game. We had a great time and it was fun to see everyone!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rocker Mom

Also for my birthday Mom and Dad came over to play guitar hero (which Quentin got as an early Christmas present along with the Xbox). Yes, that's right, I have rockstar parents. Just in case you need some proof, here they are, rocking out...

Birthday twins!!

I'm a little behind on my posts, so I'm going to slowly catch up...

Karen and I have the same birthday, so we celebrated together the Friday after our birthday. We went to 63 Diner for a late lunch/early dinner and then came back to the apartment to hang out for a while. Then we decided to go to the mall for glow in the dark putt putt. It was fun to do something different, and I won a free game at the end :) Here's a group shot at the putt putt place...
Instead of birthday cake, Karen made caramel brownies and they were heavenly! Quentin was nice enough to buy me coldstone cupcakes, which were also good. I got some really good presents, including new tennis shoes that I absolutely love! They are the most comfortable shoes ever. It was a fun birthday!