Friday, May 8, 2015

We Bought a Zoo

...Errrr...visited one for the day.  We love to go to the St. Louis zoo because it's free! And a really cool zoo also. Brady's favorite part? The hippo pooping in the water.

 Hadley was pretty clingy, so luckily I brought my sling to cart her around in because she refused the stroller.  Thinking back, maybe all the animals were a little alarming to the poor girl.  Anyway, eventually she did crash and enjoyed the stroller then while mommy enjoyed the break of carrying her.
 It's always fun to do little family outings like this.  Next time we go, the polar bear will be there! We were about a month too early for that.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Temple Run 2015

We try to make it to Kansas City for this run every year since A) It's fun to see our KC family and B) It's free! This year we got to meet Kansas City Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. It just happened to be the day after Brady's first Royals game, so he was excited.
 After the run, they have a kid's run. Brady was excited to do it, but just after half way through he started crying and said he was too tired to finish.  But I didn't want to teach him to give up (and come on, half way through meant he had like 15 yards to go), so I dragged him across the finish line, where he quickly cheered up when he was awarded his medal.

 You can see the temple in the background here. And see the turnout for the race is always pretty good.  I wasn't very proactive in preparing for the race this year, so I was pretty proud of myself for getting a personal best time of 27:34 (which I realize is not a spectacular time, but it's good for me). And Quentin was kind enough to take the jogging stroller with him. It's always a good time.