Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Latest

The past week or so has actually been quite eventful for a change. Last weekend Nick and Colton and the girls came for a visit and so did Arlaine. Nick and Colton were just driving through so they stayed the night Friday night. They also brought Einstein, their new dog. Needless to say, our little apartment was packed. We all had fun though. We went out to dinner at Arby's because we each had a coupon for a free sandwich, thanks to Colton. Then we went to Sam's to look at TV's since Quentin and I have been saving up for one for a while now. The rest of the night was spent just hanging out and talking. Saturday morning we all went to breakfast at McDonanlds, which was fabulous because I LOVE breakfast. Then Nick and Colton headed out and we took Arlaine for a walk on the MKT Trail. It was a beautiful day so it was nice to do something outside. We went out to Murry's for dinner, which is a favorite of Quentin and me. We had a great time and I hope they all did too!

I've been sick for about the last month and my cough really didn't seem to be getting any better. So last Wednesday I went to the student death center (more commonly known as the student health center) for the second time. It was probably the worst cough I've ever had, which made it pretty difficult to sleep at night, not just for me, but for poor Quentin as well. Anyway, the FNP listened to my lungs and told me I had pneumonia :( I had already gone through a Z-pak so she put me on stronger antibiotics and I am finally starting to feel like my normal self again...finally!

Friday we bought a nice, big TV! Dell.com was having a big sale and we got a Sharp 52" LCD TV for a really good price!! Now we are anxiously awaiting its arrival. Unfortunately, we will probably be gone when it gets there, but we will be having fun in Colorado...I guess you can't have it all. Since our new TV is A LOT bigger than our current TV, we also had to buy a new TV stand for it. Saturday while I was at work I got the news that Quentin had "accidentally" bought a stand on Amazon. I am still clueless as to how that can happen accidentally, but I think that is a mystery I will never unravel. Anyway, I was not the happiest at first, but when I got home and started looking online at a bunch of stands I decided I liked the one he "accidentally ordered" so we decided to stick with it. They sell the same one at Target.com for about $100 more, so it's actually a really good deal. I think we'll actually get our TV before we get the stand, but oh well.

My latest story involves Quentin and Shannon's car. Shannon came up to see us (or to get her car worked on, but I like to think it was just to see us) so Quentin was driving her car to lunch because they traded cars. I got a phone call at the end of my lunch and was informed that Quentin had wrecked Shannon's car. I was pretty upset at first, but I eventually calmed down enough to realize it could have been a lot worse. He just hit another car in the McDonald's parking lot, and there wasn't a lot of damage. We're lucky he works at a dealership so we can get good deals on fixing cars or we would be out a lot more money. This is the third car Quentin has wrecked since he got home from his mission...none of them have been his own car. So, word to the wise, don't let Quentin borrow your car :) Hope the rest of your visit with us was fun, Shannon!