Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trunk or Treat

Saturday was a pretty busy day for us.  We started off proctoring the ACT, so Brady got in some much needed Grandma time.  Then Quentin got to go to the Mizzou Homecoming game with my dad (and they had fancy box seats, I might add!).  Then our ward Trunk or Treat was that night.  Brady has been so excited to wear his pirate costume (and we were lucky enough to find it at a garage sale, thanks to Grandma Bell).  Right after nap Brady kept asking when it was time for the party. He finally asked if he could try on his costume to make sure it fit (because what if he suddenly outgrew it overnight?!). I gave in, and was rewarded with this cuteness. I may be biased, but he is probably the cutest pirate of all time. 
 I just really love this picture of the kids.  They both love each other so much, and this captures it pretty well. Brady is trying to get Hadley to smile, which is not a hard task anyway, but she pretty much smiles the instant she sees her brother.
 I finally got one where they are both looking at the camera! Not sure how we got so lucky to have the cutest kids ever! Look at those perfect little smiles
 Here's my little ladybug with her grandpa. It was really warm, so she was cooking in that costume.
 Brady had a blast running all around the gym and Hadley seemed content to be taking it all in.  Love my little pirate and ladybug!

Carving Pumpkins

For Family Home Evening last night we decided to carve pumpkins.  Brady could not have been more excited and he went with Quentin to pick out the pumpkins while I cooked dinner and fed Hadley.  He got a big one for himself and a little one for Hadley. He was a little less excited about touching the pumpkin guts.
 Hadley had no problem diving right in though :) She was pretty well covered in pumpkin, and after I got sick of pulling chunks out of her mouth over and over, I decided it was time to clean her up and put her to bed. I'm sure she would have been oh so helpful for the actual carving part.
 Brady was also very excited to put the candles in the pumpkins and "start the fire." He also thought it was awesome that he got to blow the candles out. Hadley's pumpkin is on the left (my masterpiece), and Brady's is on the right (Quentin's fine handiwork). Can you tell how much fun he was having?
 Here are the close ups of our work.  Not sure why, but we couldn't get a very good picture of the Dracula.  It was actually quite impressive though.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cute Cousins

We went to KC for the weekend of Quentin's birthday.  Now that Kirsten and Kirk are up there, it makes for a busy weekend trying to fit everyone in.  We spent Saturday morning running around to garage sales and then went out to lunch for Quentin's birthday.  Saturday evening we got these cuties together.  It's fun to see how different they are already and it's fun to watch them grow together.
 The following week, Kirsten and Lilly stayed in Columbia to give Kirk a week to focus on school.  It was fun to have them here and watch Lilly crawling all over the place! They are such sweet babies <3 br="">

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hadley is 7 months

Hadley is now 7 months old. Boy how the time flies! She has mastered sitting up and can even sit on her own from a crawling position now.  She wants to crawl soooo bad and can scoot a little every once in a while, but it won't be long before she is fully mobile.  I'm ready for her to be able to get to things on her own, but it will bring about new challenges as well. I'm also not sure how Brady will handle her being able to get into his stuff, but it's part of being a sibling so I'm sure we will all survive.  Plus it will force me to keep my floors cleaner...right? And any challenge seems worth it when you get to see this cute face every day :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bradys Say the Darndest Things

I have not been good at writing down all the funny things Brady says...and boy does he have some good ones! I'm going to try to start doing better so this post is entirely dedicated to the funny things that my sweet, inquisitive, smart and funny (though he doesn't always mean to be and gets mad if you laugh at the wrong time) boy says.

Sometimes it's the way he pronounces things: Grandpa = Crapa, Crab = Crap, Weapon = Whippin (this is what he calls his sticks usually), peanut butter and sandwiches (pb&j)

When I was cutting my toenails:
"But what about the lovely purple stuff?!" (toe nail polish)

I don't remember the whole back story, but at one point he said that Grandpa was Grandma's wife.

During FHE (randomly) "Jesus would be sad if Curious George died"

After Lori saw a snake one day Brady was obsessing over it (imagine that!) and kept asking me questions about it.  I finally texted Lori to ask how long the snake was.  She responded that it was a foot and a half to 2 feet, which I relayed to Brady. After a few moments, here was our conversation:
B: "Mom, Lori can't say that snakes have feet cuz only people have feet."
M: "What about Butters, he has feet. Is he a person?"
B: "No, but he is part of our family."

Aliisa asked him if he could think of something that was gross and after a little thought he said "Hmmm...poop is gross."

Texts I received from Lori:
*We're sitting on the porch watching the rain and waiting to the school bus. A blue city bus went by (first time ever) and B asked "That's not a school bus. Is that a tornado bus?" I said, "What's a tornado bus?" B, "You know, the tornado bus.  It comes and picks us up when a tornado is coming."

*I heard B crying after he laid down for his nap so I went in and asked what was wrong. He said "It's so dark in here that I'm scared. Can you turn on a light?" I said, "Try taking your sunglasses off and see if that makes it better." He took them off and said, "Oh yeah...that is better now."

B: "Where is Justin?"
L: "He is 5 and he goes to school now, remember?"
B: "Oh yeah...my cousin Alexa goes to the garden but she doesn't go to school like Justin."
The garden = kindergarten :)

Deep Breakfast conversation out of nowhere - B: "Wori...when I get big I will marry Allie.  If Allie says no then I'll marry Stella." Stella: "I can't marry you because I am going to marry my dad. You can marry Ava." Ava: "I marry Matt." Brady (very dejected) after sighing: "Ok...then I will ask Allie after school and if she says no, I will marry my Mom. She won't say no."

That's all for now, folks.  I'll try to do better at writing these posts up more often. He is full of funny things to say, so it shouldn't be too hard.