Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July

John's sister, Sarah, was kind enough to let everyone invade her home for a 4th of July bbq and fireworks. The food was great and we all had fun. The fireworks were amazing...I didn't even know you could buy fireworks like that. It was like our own little professional show (with the added perk of having to dodge the shrapnel). Quentin and I getting ready to watch fireworks

Trying to get all the grandkids to cooperate is not an easy task

Quentin roasting marshmallows for my s'more :) This was taken before the grill melted through the plastic table. Just an FYI...grills should not be placed on plastic surfaces. Sparklers! Ashlyn loved it. Cora was not a huge fan and Nick ended up burning a little hole through his shirt.
Sarah has two yorkies! This is my new friend Gunther. He has the same coloring as Butters, but is much skinnier (No Sarah, not smellier). He was so sweet and loved the attention he got from me.

Meeting Baby Addison

The best part of our three day weekend was that we got to meet our new niece, Addison Bell Hufford, for the first time. She was four weeks old I think and soooo precious! What a great baby! She hardly cried and she was so alert. She loved looking at the lights and I really just could not hold her enough. Quentin was so cute with her and it was fun to watch them together.
The main reason we went to visit was for Addison's blessing. Her dress was beautiful and she did such a good job. I think she slept the whole way through the blessing. She looked so cute! We are so happy to welcome her into our family. Thanks John and Shannon for letting us stay with you, we look forward to coming again sometime!


Friday was my paid holiday for 4th of July, and since we were heading down to Arkansas for Addison's blessing we decided to leave Thursday night to get some extra fun in. We stayed with Mooma in Willard Thursday night along with everyone else but John and Shannon. Then Friday we headed to Branson. We spent a few hours at Silver Dollar City and then decided we needed to cool down, so we went to White Water for a while. We had lots of fun! Here's a picturte of Quentin and I in front of the Great American Plunge (I think). Quentin and I definitely got most of the water, but it felt pretty good on such a hot day!