Monday, July 1, 2013

St. Louis Zoo

I was off Friday, so I recruited Kirsten and Kirk to go to the St. Louis Zoo with Brady and me (Quentin has to work...ahhhh the joys of being gainfully employed).  I think Kirk was pleasantly surprised with the quality of our free zoo. He seemed skeptical at first.  I mean how can it be so good when it's free?  Brady loved it, of course.  He did not want to leave one animal to go to the next.  
 I was very grateful to Kirsten and Kirk for taking their turn carting this boy around and pushing the stroller.  I was worn out by the end of the day even with their help, so I can't imagine how I would have made it without them.  Brady is getting too big to carry around all day!

 We were so excited to see the new baby elephant.  It was so (relatively) small and cute and reminded us of the elephant from Jungle Book because it had a little tuft of hair on her head.  You can see it hiding behind the log. Kind of.
 It's a pretty big zoo, and it was hot, and we did a lot of walking.  As you can see, I was not the only one worn out.  You can see he is starting to get sleepy here.
 And much to my surprise, Brady fell asleep...on Kirk's shoulder!  It was past naptime, but generally Brady does not sleep anywhere besides his bed.  But he even stayed asleep when we moved him to the stroller.  And then through the train tooting its horn right next to us...three times!  Unfortunately he also missed the new sea lion exhibit, which I think he would have loved.  It's a little tunnel that you walk through and they swim all around.  Way cool.
 And then there was the sloth bear, which is a bear that looks like it needs a haircut.  Pretty cute.  Plus I decided Kirsten and Kirk needed their picture together.  Thanks for being my helpers for the day!