Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Settled

We've been at our new place for three weeks now and I finally feel like we are getting things settled. Moving is a lot of work. And not a lot of fun. I was waiting until it wasn't a disaster to put up pictures. And the family room is looking pretty good, so we'll just start with that for now. Maybe if you want to see the rest, you will just have to come visit! Here's one from the viewpoint of the doorway when you walk in...And here's one from the opposite corner of the room...Here is my new project that I think turned out really well and I'm pretty proud of it...And here is Brady enjoying the new place with room to run around! (and really, this is the subject matter you all want to see anyway). In other news, Quentin got a job at Andy's Frozen Custard, so between that and clinicals he is staying pretty busy this summer. I also enjoy getting 50% off at Andy's and have managed to find an excuse to drop by to see Quentin a few times already :) We are loving our new place, besides the ant problem, which I think has been solved (at least for now!) We had ants EVERYWHERE, but Richard (who is an entomologist at the University and happened to be conducting a study on treating ants) came to save us. Seriously, what would we do without the Housemans in our lives? They are definitely one of our favorite families!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Makinley's Blessing

The first weekend in June we got to visit this cutie for her blessing!
And see the rest of the Bell family, but really it's pretty hard to compete with Makinley's cuteness :) Brady actually held her for a little bit and even gave her a few snuggles. It was pretty cute to watch.

We also got to do fun things like shop at the outlets, have a pool/pizza party, and play at the park with all the cousins. Brady absolutely loves playing with his cousins and I'm so glad that he has cousins close enough to see often and grow up with.