Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Prized Possession

This is our new TV and the TV stand that Quentin accidentally bought. I actually really like the stand and it holds tons of DVDs. We love watching TV on this giant screen, and it's perfect for movies. Maybe someday we will have friends to enjoy it with us :) Kirsten, are you happy that I posted a picture this time?

New Job!

As you all know, I graduate in a matter of weeks so it's down to the wire to find a job in the real world. Lucky for me, I got an official offer today from University Hospital, which is where I am currently working as a student tech. My first day will be May 27 (the day after we get home from Utah). Since jobs in general are hard to come by these days, not to mention rad tech jobs in Columbia, we feel so blessed to have this! It's a great job, 8-4:30 and occasionally weekends. It will be nice to have more time at home that will not be spent writing paper, studying, etc. And if I'm really lucky, I'll actually get to spend some time with Quentin!! Now all I have to do is make it through the next three weeks...and pass my registry.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Silver Dollar City Experience

I am sorry to disappoint anyone who is reading this right now but this time I figured I would give this blog thing a try. Bare with me this may not be nearly as exciting as Natalie's blog post. Last weekend Natalie and I headed down to Silver Dollar City in Branson. It turned out the drive seemed like forever long. Maybe it had something to do with leaving at nine thirty at night. Well, after the 3 and a half hour drive and many Presley Jubilee billboards we made it to Branson. Once we reached Branson, we headed to Grandma Weekes condos where Kayley and Cora were wide a wake and as hyper as ever. Nick and Colton were there too, of course.

The next day we headed to Silver Dollar City which some people call "steal your dollar city." This was Natalie's first experience of Silver Dollar City. Anyone who knows Natalie probably knows she is not a very big fan of roller coasters, and Silver Dollar City has a lot to choose from. I was bound to get her to ride at least one roller coaster. We first headed to the Chinese Acrobats figuring we could go an get it out of the way. We made it to the building and the line was pretty short. So we were all excited figuring we timed it just right. Turns out they already let as many people as they could get in to the building. The people we were waiting in line with were people wanting to cram into the building. So we got all excited for nothing.

It just so happened that the exit for the show started right at the line forming for the roller coaster "Powder Keg". Natalie instantly started to get nervous. After much coaxing, Colton and I were able to talk her into riding it. The closer we made it to the actual ride the more nervous she was. She was so cute. She finally built up enough courage to ride Powder Keg. Anyone who has been on this ride knows at the beginning of the ride they send you off going zero to fifty in like five seconds. We made it to the top hill and as we started to go down and Natalie screamed " I already don't like this ride". She made it through the ride saying it's a good thing I don't have a heart condition or I probably would have died. Needless to say, we couldn't talk her into riding another ride. I guess if you count riding the hopping frogs with Kayley then she did ride another ride. Later on we watched Kayley and Cora ride all the little kid rides.

Our Silver dollar city trip was a lot of fun and we already planned the next trip. So Natalie might have to ride at least one more roller coaster. In her defense, she probably rode the scariest roller coaster they had. But we will have to get her to ride the more fun one when we go back.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Greeley, Colorado

Home of the fresh scent of cow manure :) Our trip to Colorado was really fun!! The car ride did not seem that long, maybe because we stopped about half way through to sleep for the night. The first day we got there we went mini golfing, which was a lot of fun despite my lack of skill at putt putt. Patrick enjoyed putting the balls in the holes. He was so kind as to take the balls off the green and run off with them...very helpful. He's adorable! That night we went to an italian restaurant and it was delicious! Saturday we went to the Denver zoo with the McGrath's (Megan's best friend from high school and her family). We saw all kinds of animals and we saw a polar bear attack a goose and take it to its little den to eat it...not really all that family friendly, but a pretty cool sight to see. Then we came home and ordered Mexican food that was really good. I was especially excited about the torta de tres leches because none of the Mexican restaurants in Columbia have that and I love it! Quentin loved the food, but was not a big fan of the tres leches. That's ok...more for me! Sunday we just kind of hung out and some friends of Megan and Benjamin came for dinner. Their little boy was cute and it was fun to watch him with Patrick. We played some games that Moore gathering would be complete without games, right Mom? It was fun to see everyone and to meet Kirk, Kirsten's boyfriend, who was very nice. We left early Monday morning for the airport, which leads to a funny story. After we checked in and went through security at the airport, I went to the bathroom and had my license in the back pocket of my pants. When I stood up to pull my pants up, my ID fell into the toilet, which was an automatic flush, so my license is down in some sewer right now probably. Fortunately this happened after we got through security and getting a new license is no big deal, but at the time I was mortified. So, word to the wise...don't keep anything in the back pocket of your pants at the airport!
Our plane was an hour late taking off so we got into Kansas City an hour late. Michelle was nice enough to pick us up! Thanks Michelle! Then we went back to her house and Quentin helped her do something with her car. Butters had been enjoying a nice visit with the Walker's while we were gone and he seemed to have a good time! Hopefully he was not too much trouble. We're so glad we were able to leave him with someone we knew would take good care of was his first time being away from home without us besides when he stays with his Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Aliisa. We stopped by to see Nick and Colton and the girls on our way home so it was fun to see everyone. It was really just a great trip!