Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Time Is Here

Sticking with tradition, I managed to get the tree put up on the day after Thanksgiving...and this year we have a REAL size.  It's still an artifiicial tree, but we upgraded to a 7 footer instead of our little one that sat on the table.  Brady enjoyed playing in the box of course!

 I decided to wait to decorate the tree until we could do it as a family, which really meant waiting until Quentin took his registry on Monday because he was much too busy spending all his time studying,  Well all that studying was worth it because HE PASSED!  Not only did he pass, he got a great score too!  We are soooooo proud of him and all his hard work and it's great to see that hard work finally pay off. But instead of celebrating by decorating the tree, my parents took us all out to eat at Cheddars, which was delcious!  By the time we got home from that it was time for little Brady man to go to bed, so we saved the tree for Tuesday and Brady had a blast!  He helped decorate the tree at my parent's house, so he was a pro :)  He kept grabbing ornaments and saying "To the tree!"  It is so fun to hear him talking.  He tries to say so much.  Some of it is undecipherable, but he sure tries and most of the time does  a pretty good job.  Anyway, he is such a great helper and he definitely loves to help!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was definitely more fun with Brady than last year, even though he still doesn't quite grasp the concept.  My mom found us this Tigger costume at a garage sale (thank goodness for Grandma's garage sale finds!) and Kirsten told me we should do costumes for Quentin and I that went with Brady's so I did.  Quentin got to be Eeyore and I got to be Winnie the Pooh.  Although Quentin will try to make it seem like I slaved away at these costumes, they were pretty easy and didn't take much time.  And cheap.  And thanks to Aliisa and Mom's help, they turned out pretty decent.  Friday was our ward Halloween party at church.  Brady was not thrilled to take a break from running around the gym to take pictures.  He is no longer a fan of the camera, sadly.  His "other family," the Housemans, were there too. Allison dressed as a BYU cheerleader and Matthew was a BYU football player.  Brady loved to wear his helmet.  And likes to wear it at daycare too.

 On actual Halloween, Brady had a Halloween party at daycare, then we headed to my parents for pizza and did some trick or treating around their neighborhood.  Brady loved to ring the door bells and knock on the door and got pretty good at saying "trick or treat."  He is also quite the pro at saying thank you - he would say it multiple times and then sometimes even as we walked away.  What a grateful kid!  Also between the church party and actual Halloween, I got a hair cut, so you can see before and after :)  The last picture is to show off Eeyore's tail.  Quentin was a good sport!  It is so fun to do these things with Brady as he grows up, and I'm sure they will only get more fun as he begins to understand them more each year.  We love our little Tigger so much!