Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Addibell!

So the main reason we went to Arkansas was to celebrate little Addison's first birthday! It's hard to believe she is already a year old when it seems like we just went to visit her for the blessing. It was lots of fun to see the family and go to Addison's monkey-themed birthday party.

A few pics of the birthday girl...Just enjoying the party together! Little Garrett...still so small!
Preston cheesin' for the camera
John running the grill

We Ran a 5K

Shannon invited us to join her in a 5K when we went down to Arkansas and Quentin's mom did it too. I don't have pictures yet because I took them on a disposable camera, but I'm proud to say that Quentin and I ran a 5K! We hadn't really run much the week of the 5K due to food poisoning and such, so we were extra proud of ourselves for running the whole thing! I finished in 31:15 and Quentin followed about 30 seconds after me.