Tuesday, October 26, 2010

25 weeks

And even a different outfit! Thanks to my sister and sisters-in-law I will be a well-dressed pregnant lady! I now have a closet full of cute maternity clothes! Thanks girls :)I never really know what to do with my hands in these pictures...kind of awkward.

I had a Dr. appointment today and everything is still looking good. Also I am mostly past the morning sickness junk (I think). So other than the normal aches and pains of pregnancy (back pain, frequent bathroom trips, trouble sleeping, out of control acne, general discomfort, etc) I am healthy and so is baby Brady. He's a pretty active little guy and if he's facing the right way, I can even SEE his kicks now sometimes. So fun!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Alexa!

Our niece was celebrating her 2nd birthday this weekend, so we headed down to Camdenton to join in the festivities. I was off Friday, so we got to spend an extra day hanging out with Cassie, Kyle and Alexa and got a little extra shopping in at the outlets :) Friday afternoon Quentin's Mom got there and then Friday night Nick and his family came and then Michelle and her family made their arrival as well. So we had most of the Bell family there and it was so much fun to see everyone! Here's a shot of the kids crowded on the couch to watch Dora... Saturday Kyle took us out to ride on the boat. It was a beautiful day, but it did get a little chilly during the ride. It really was the perfect time to do though because there was hardly anyone else out on the water, so the ride was really smooth. So smooth that Preston fell asleep :) Plus we had a great captain...thanks, Kyle!
Then we stopped at the outlets again before we headed to Alexa's birthday party. I definitely got A LOT of baby clothes, but I got pretty good deals so I'm proud of my purchases. Alexa's party was at Miner Mike's, which is like a giant playplace mixed with an arcade full of fun games that Quentin and I teamed up on to get the most tickets possible...all to benefit our nieces and nephews of course! There is even a little roller coaster inside that made baby Rex jump each time it started. Cassie did a great job planning the party (as always) and we think she could make a career out of party planning. After the party we headed to this really yummy pizza place. They had the best cheese sticks I have ever had in my life. Everything was sooooo tasty! Thanks for planning such a fun weekend for us Cassie! The birthday girl, opening up a present.

Quentin was brave enough to go through what I like to call "Tube City" with Preston. (And he survived!)

This was my attempt to get a picture of baby Garrett's smile...this is more of a half smile. When he REALLY smiles it takes up his whole face and is totally irresistible