Friday, November 28, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Brady was super excited to help with Christmas decorations this year.  We stuck with my family tradition of putting up the tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Hadley had no clue what was going on, but liked to look at the lights.  And grab the ornaments.  Every year I forget how much work it is to decorate, but it sure is a lot more fun with my little helpers.  And Brady was much better at spacing out the ornaments this year too :)

Decorating is a lot of work. (And proof that we got dressed that day).

Monday, November 24, 2014

Bradys say the Darndest Things - Part 2

Lately Brady has been "punishing" us by not talking to us if we tell him no or something else he doesn't want to hear. The other day he qualified the statement into, "Ugh. I'm done talking to you.  Unless I need something. Then I'll talk to you."

Quentin took the kids to Aldi for a few groceries and he gave the quarter from the cart to Brady when they were done.  Brady dropped the quarter and couldn't find it and said "Did I just make magic?" (We assume make it disappear?)
 When Quentin was telling me about that incident, Brady said "It's not a quarter, it's a COIN."

Brady was crying when his cartoons weren't on one morning.  I said, "Brady, it's not going to kill you to miss a morning of cartoons." He responded, "Yeah, bad guys will kill me.  And then Grandma will be sad. Both Grandmas will be sad."

Brady was excited about the Trunk or Treat and kept asking if it was time yet. When I told him no for the umpteenth time, he said "The clock isn't moving!" When I told him it was moving, he said, "Well it's not moving fast enough."

Brady made Quentin check under his bed for monsters.  Quentin said there weren't any and Brady said, "If there were, you would move my bed and squash them cuz you're fat."

Texts from Lori:
B: "Hey Wori...when I get big I'll be a dad.  I'll be Hadley's dad, And Crapa won't be Crapa because my dad will be Hadley's Crapa. My mom will be Hadley's Gma," Hmmm...almost. (Crapa = Grandpa)

We were talking about Matt and Allie being at the ocean today and Stella said that she went to the ocean with Uncle David. Brady's eyes got big and he said, "Is your Uncle David a shepherd boy who hit Goliath on the head with his sling and Goliath fell down dead?"

"My dad told me about cords that you plug in. He said that if you touch one, then AFTER you're dead it will sting you."

Me: "Matt and Allie are swimming in the ocean today."
B: "Are there sharks in the ocean?"
Stella: "If a shark eats them, then they will live with Jesus."
B: "What? Did Jesus get eaten by a shark? Is Jesus in a shark's tummy?"

Monday, November 10, 2014

8 Months!

We were at HyVee right before bedtime when I realized we didn't have an 8 month picture of Hadley!  So she gets to share this one with her brother (who wouldn't give us a decent smile).


Can't believe this girl is 8 months already.  I think I say that every month, but time seriously flies! She has two little teeth now and she is still such a happy girl. She is starting to crawl pretty well, which allows her to get into everything.  Her personal favorite seems to be dumping Butters' water bowl all over herself.  She also loves to grab his fur.  Lucky for us, Butters is a good dog and doesn't ever nip at her. (I can't say that he's the smartest as he doesn't seem to understand he puts himself in the position to be tortured). She's starting to eat solids better now too.  She sometimes can get her puffs to her mouth on her own now and she doesn't seem disgusted when you try to feed her every time either.  She is enjoying lots of babbles and gets pretty loud with it, too.  Brady is not a fan, but he is still the best brother.  She certainly agrees!