Thursday, May 23, 2013


After what has seemed like forever, Quentin finally graduated!  Yahoo!!  He has spent a lot of money and time (and money) and hard work (and money) and we are so glad to be done!  He has been in school the whole time we've been married, which is almost 5 years. School has not always been easy for him, and I'm so proud of him for sticking it out and finishing.  Not only will it help provide for our family, it will provide a good example for our children someday and I'm grateful for that.  I am also grateful to have such a supportive family.  Quentin's whole family (minus John...we missed you buddy) came to celebrate with us.  It was so much fun having everyone here and it was nice to have some guests stay at our house, even though we only have a twin bed and air mattress to offer up.
 I couldn't resist getting this picture...Preston was out cold for a big part of the graduation ceremony.  Can't say that I blame him, but he looked so uncomfortable and still managed to stay asleep through all the noise.

 Brady got to try on the hat.  Hard to believe that some day in the very distant future, he'll be in the cap and gown.
 With my parents, who have always been great support.  Even on the days where I just needed someone to listen while I complained about how much life sucks when your husband is in school and you never see each other, etc, etc.

I'll have to put up the group shot of the Bell side when Kendall emails it to me.  He graduated last Friday, and we had his party on Saturday.  My wonderful event planner/sister-in-law, Cassie, planned the whole thing and delegated the jobs.  We did a BBQ at a local park and the Housemans and the Lambs joined our crazy crew for the fun.  The food was yummy, the kids had a blast (especially when they discovered they could play in the water from the drinking fountain), and it really couldn't have been more perfect.  Thanks Cassie.  And I got to present Quentin with a much anticipated ipad!  He has been wanting one pretty much since they first came out.  So I started saving months and months before to surprise him with one.  That's a huge chunk of change to stash up, and I had to be pretty sneaky!  Lori was my partner in crime when it came time to order it.  She let me use her Target card(so I could get the 5% discount of course! without Quentin knowing) and ship it to her house.  Thanks Lori.  He loves it.  A lot.  Maybe more than he loves me.  Just kidding!  But he has spent lots of time on it and it seems to be everything he always dreamed of, so I guess the last 4 or 5 years of school were worth it :)