Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Happy Birthday Hadley Dear

Can't believe this baby girl is ONE! We had a little party and were lucky enough that the Pintos, LaBrues and Arlaine made the journey to celebrate with us.  There was no shortage of presents or cake.
 I fully expected her to devour her cake. This sweet girl loves to eat, and likes sweets almost as much as her mother! She also isn't usually very hesitant about anything, but she wasn't really very into her cake.  She actually cried when we tried to make her eat it, but I think she was just exhausted at this point. Love those pig tails!

 And of course, twin cousins need twin tutus! And Grandma looooooves her grandkids.  Aren't these girls just the cutest (Grandma included)?

Hadley is such a sweet girl. She has no fear and tries to climb whatever she can. She loves Butters, loves eating, and really seems to enjoy meat, unlike her brother.  She smiles a lot, but is also starting to become very opinionated.  She can take a few steps, but prefers to be carried around still. I feel so blessed to be her mom and can't wait to see her little personality continue to develop.  Happy Birthday sweet Hadley! And a special shout out to Aliisa for her help with the owl cupcakes :)

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